Filling Line Inspection

Pressco’s knowledge of specialized optics combined with powerful application-specific software provides unmatched accuracy for fill level inspection and to detect mis-applied closures. As evidence of our industry-best performance, Pressco solutions are installed at the top beverage companies in the world.

Our modular INTELLISPEC™ platform allows us to provide both standalone and completely integrated solutions to facilitate inspection all the way down to the case packer. On blow/fill lines, we can inspect from preform to filled/capped/labeled bottle – all on the same system. This “up-and-down the line” approach leverages a single control cabinet and interface for ease of training, maintenance, and a lower TCO (total cost of ownership). As the industry increasingly heads towards vertical integration, Pressco is able to provide this comprehensive distributed inspection approach to provide additional value by removing defective parts from the product stream before value-added operations are completed.

Pressco also provides correlation of defects at the blowmolder for mold, spindle, and transfer arm, and at the filler for filling valve and capping head. This speeds troubleshooting by quickly identifying which machine components are producing excessive defective products.