Beverage Cans

Pressco’s full line of beverage can inspection modules offers unparalleled inspection capability and flexibility with the additional benefits of a small footprint and easy installation. By minimizing the number of required image acquisition points, Pressco has created cost effective modules that are also easily upgradeable should future inspection requirements change.

Our INTELLISPEC™ product provides robust, industrialized solutions to meet your needs. We offer many module configurations to inspect the inside surfaces of nearly all container designs (including bottle cans) and detect visual, coating, and dimensional flaws.

Additional features such as Body Maker identification, Spray Dot and Necker Pocket correlation provide valuable troubleshooting information about the production process. Correlating defective parts to these processes and creating easy to read graphs can help reduce downtime and maintain consistent production.

The DecoSpector 360™ system provides comprehensive outside of can inspection. After years of refinement, our unique solution serves a need to greatly reduce if not eliminate HFIs related to printing flaws. It directly inspects the product label, providing true security that the product reaching the customer is one that reflects your quality and your customer’s brand.