Empty Metal Can Inspection

Inspect for damage to all parts of empty metal cans, ends, and closures

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As empty metal food and beverage cans have become lighter, seamer and filler jams have increased on fill lines. This is because metal food and beverage cans are easier to damage, and these dents and cracks make it difficult to move through the filler and seamer without causing costly jams, spills, cross-contamination, and downtime. The best solution for this problem is an automated empty metal can inspection solution that rejects damaged cans before they cause downtime.

Pressco has refined empty metal can inspection for over 25 years. Our empty metal can inspection solution allows cans to pass through every stage of the pre-fill and fill line without causing costly line jams. Our innovative vision inspection systems check for damage to the flange, bottom, and sidewalls as well as to the shells, ends and metal closures. This also ensures product quality and reduces spoilage.

Additionally, our experience has led us to design modules dedicated for specific installation locations to allow full process integration. Examples include light testers, necker/flanger machines and a variety of conveyor-based applications.

With features like RETRO-SPEC™, CHROMAPULSE™ and machine correlation, Pressco provides significant value-added functionality in a reliable and proven turn-key system.

Learn more about Pressco empty metal can inspection in our product brochure.

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