Metal Food Can Inspection

Uncover Metal Can Damages and Defects and Avoid Costly Downtime At Filler

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Whether steel or aluminum, 2-piece or 3-piece, Pressco has you covered. Using the advanced power of Pressco’s CHROMAPULSE™ illumination, multi-color/wavelengths of light are enabled or disabled depending on the inside lacquer colors, which allows for otherwise invisible coating defects to be detected. In addition, dual image snaps provide two different views of the product to uncover hidden flaws. Powerful filtering algorithms are employed on cans with EZ-Open or Full-Pull ends to erase undesired reflections on the inner sidewall, enhancing defect detection and reducing spoilage.

Typical Defects Detected

  • Bent Flanges
  • Flange Peaks
  • Flange Cracks
  • Short / Missing Flanges
  • Mushroomed Flanges
  • Lacquer Bubbles
  • Coating Drapes
  • Partial / No Sprays
  • Oil & Grease
  • Contamination / Stains
  • Dings / Dents
  • Visible Cracks & Holes
  • Bad Welds (3-piece)
  • Trim Rings / Scrap
  • Out-of-Round Cans

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