Metal Closures

Crowns…PT Twist / Lugged Closures…ROPP / CT Closures…Pressco can provide inspection modules in a wide range of sizes and configurations depending on the diameter and profile of the closure. Lighting and lensing are optimized based upon defect type(s) and location(s). Parts are viewed on single-file magnetic or vacuum conveyors. Turnover rails and/or additional conveyance are required for public side inspection.

Product Side Typical Defects Detected

  • Liner Defects
  • Missing Liners
  • Compound Voids
  • Compound Bubbles
  • Lacquer Voids
  • Oven Dirt
  • Contamination
  • Out of Round
  • Scratches / Dents / Dings
  • Tamper Band Defects
  • Smashed Wires & Lugs (PT Twist & Lugged Closures)

Public Side Typical Defects Detected

  • Print Voids / Missing Print
  • Incorrect or Off Color Print
  • Print Alignment (Registration)
  • Contamination
  • Out of Round
  • Scratches / Dents / Dings
  • Smashed or Bent Closures
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