PET Preforms

There’s an industry saying……make a bad preform – make a bad bottle. It’s inefficient and costly to blow defective preforms into bottles that will be rejected anyway, so it pays to remove them from the process as early as possible. Pressco offers a family of scalable modules that provide comprehensive inspection of preforms across all of the critical regions of interest.These modules can be integrated inside stretch blowforming machines such as Sidel, Krones and KHS.

Typical Seal Defects Detected

  • Damaged / Nicked Seal Surfaces
  • Cuts
  • Dips / Saddling
  • Oval Finishes
  • Short Shots
  • Blown Finishes
  • Contamination
  • Wrong Color
  • Seal Surface Flashing
  • Rolled Surface

Typical Preform Endcap Defects Detected

  • Out of Round
  • Gate Cracks
  • Deformed Gates
  • Contamination
  • Bent Preforms
  • Bubbles

Typical Preform Sidewall Defects Detected

  • Pearling
  • Hazing
  • Clarity
  • Contamination
  • Carbon Streak
  • Crystallinity
  • Inclusions
  • Unmelts
  • Water Spots
  • Incorrect Color Preform
  • Incorrect Preform Length
  • Bent / Warped Preform
  • Bubbles
  • Burn Marks
  • Long Gates
  • Resin Build-up
  • Heat Splay
  • Sticking
  • Weld Lines
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