Inspect Bottle Section Mass (PET)

Monitor PET Bottle Material Distribution in Real Time with INTELLIMASS

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INTELLIMASS™ system monitors PET material distribution on every bottle in real time by measuring the mass of the container base and multiple sidewall areas inside the blowmolder. Each sensor’s Field of View (FOV) is adjusted to approximate that of a “virtual” sectioned bottle. Novel, patented technology accommodates the bottle’s unique structural shape to measure correctly and accurately. Online measurement of bottle section weights can dramatically reduce the practice of routine hot-wire bottle cutting.

INTELLIMASS can be integrated with INTELLISPEC™ to fully inspect the Base, Neck/ Sidewall, Seal Surface, and other areas of the container.

Users of INTELLIMASS find that process drift is detected early and reliably so that bottle quality and performance specifications are consistently held throughout long runs of production.

Detect and monitor undesirable trends resulting from:

  • Light or heavy panel / neck / base sections
  • Changing mass distributions
  • Incorrect preforms
  • Manual changes to blower recipe
  • Ambient effects on blower recipe
  • Cavity anomalies

Container Size Ranges

  • 350ml to 3L capacity
  • 50mm to 120mm diameter
  • 150mm to 310mm height

Learn more about PET Bottle Mass Inspection in our product brochure.

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