Complete Beverage Can Label Deco Inspection

Our Complete 360-degree Can Deco Inspection Module Images the Entire Outside of the Can’s Label

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100% of the cans……100% of the label… Introducing the most effective solution ever for reducing HFIs and ensuring that only quality product is shipped to your customers. The Pressco DECOSPECTOR 360™ detects print-related defects and validates color on every can at production speeds in real time. With Decospector’s 360-degree online inspection module, the entire outside of the can is scanned to detect deco spots, smears, smudges and incorrect or missing colors.

Inspection locations for the DECOSPECTOR 360 module are either before or after the oven. Before-the-oven installations view the cans while still on the pin chain and stabilized on our custom transfer device, and After-the-oven installations are located just after the strip off (unloading) area, just before they are mass conveyed to the inside sprayers.

Features and Benefits of DECOSPECTOR 360

  • Inspects 100% of can production online
  • Automatically rejects non-conforming product
  • Touchscreen interface provides easy-to-use interaction
  • Label changeovers take less than a minute
  • RETRO-SPEC™ display allows for quick and easy control of inspection parameters
  • Defect correlation data pinpoints specific machine component failures
  • Color Monitoring provides real-time feedback to quickly identify/prevent drift
  • Reduce or eliminate HFI events by removing defects

Typical Deco Defects Detected

  • Too Light or Too Dark Ink
  • Small Deco Voids
  • Smears
  • Registration
  • Cut Blankets
  • Smudges
  • Over-varnish / Missing Varnish
  • Contamination
  • Body Dents
  • Color Shifts
  • Incorrect Colors

Learn more about Complete Can Deco inspection in our product brochure.

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