Training is a critical part of the services that Pressco offers to our clients. With a focus on assisting you and your staff in getting the most of our products, Pressco Technology offers both initial and refresher training courses for new and experienced users alike.

We realize that your training needs are unique.  That’s why we’ve worked hard to create a variety of options so you may select the training method(s) that’s best for your situation.

Spending time with our friendly and knowledgeable Pressco trainers gives you and your team increased comfort with your system and improved access to the many powerful features offered as part of our software. Some of our standard offerings are listed below. If you don’t see what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us. Customized training is always available.

ENGAGE Online Learning Portal – NEW!!

Pressco’s new digital learning environment, ENGAGE offers a variety of online courses designed to be taken at any time from any location on any device.  Please click HERE for more information and to order courses.

Initial Operator-Level Coaching

This is an entry-level course that focuses on screen familiarization, log-in/log-out, online/offline, product changeover, and familiarization with statistics provided when our product is installed. This is usually given on-site as time permits by the installer and takes four to eight hours.

Initial Administrator-Level Training Course

This is a formalized course that provides all the information needed by a new high-level user who is unfamiliar with our system. This includes component descriptions, screen familiarization, alarm setup, report generation, part-timing, lighting, and inspection setup and tuning. This is a comprehensive class and takes approximately four and a half days to complete.

Refresher Administrator-Level Training Course

This course follows the same general outline as the initial course but can be tailored to the specific needs and knowledge level of your team. Less time is spent on standard operations and more time is spent on specific inspections used for your product. While we do offer this in a four and a half day format, we can also tailor-make a refresher course to your needs. Simply contact us to discuss your preferences for duration and content.

Upgrade Training

This training is for users who have purchased upgrades to their systems. This is not a formalized course but is training provided on-site to your team by the Pressco Associate who installed the upgrade.

General Information

If you want more information or you are ready to schedule your training, call 440-498-2000 (Monday – Friday 8AM to 5PM EST) or use the online Training Request Form to schedule your training date.

General Training Guidelines:

  • A class size of three to six people is required for most training classes.
  • Translation services are available for Pressco in-house training.
  • Travel and living expenses incurred for on-site training are not included.
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