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Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio USA, Pressco Technology brings unequaled experience and knowledge to the solutions we provide to the high-speed container manufacturing industry. With over 8,500 Pressco systems installed in over 84 countries worldwide, Pressco Sales and Service Engineers are strategically located in North, Central, and South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific regions. Our industry-leading technical support group is available 24/7, allowing Pressco to respond quickly to customer needs worldwide.

Known for over 50 years of innovations, Pressco is recognized as the world leader in developing new vision and sensory inspection solutions to improve process control and maximize profitability for manufacturers in the food, beverage, and packaging industries. Our legacy of pioneering achievements in high-speed inspection technology grows every year, driven by customer-focused R&D efforts and cutting-edge Applications engineering, resulting in sophisticated, powerful, yet easy-to-use inspection systems. All systems consist of modular components and are individually engineered and configured to meet the needs of each customer’s application.

Supported by more than 46 patents and a wealth of proprietary expertise, Pressco inspection solutions help customers reduce spoilage, increase uptime, and provide higher quality products to their customers. The INTELLISPEC™ system employs the latest advances in cameras, software, lighting, and optics to optimize defect detection while minimizing false rejects and false accepts. Each INTELLISPEC system can be configured with up to 16 cameras to provide more application versatility while minimizing the cost per inspection.

Mission Statement

To be the world leader in engineered on-line sensing and process analysis products and services, which delight customers while applying Biblical principles of ethics.

Principles of Ethics

  • Nurture open, trustworthy relationships by objectively seeking to understand and respect others.
  • Resolve issues directly, in a timely and edifying way.
  • Seek to speak the truth in an edifying way, and let your word be of integrity.
  • Treat others as you would want to be treated.
  • Approach all tasks with willingness and humility to do whatever it takes to satisfy internal and external customers.
  • Seek to take responsibility for defining, executing, and completing tasks in a timely manner while recognizing accomplishments and accountability.
  • Approach life’s journey aligned with positive “true north” while using our energies, enthusiasm, purpose and skills to maintain personal balance and contentment.


Pressco Featured on Manufacturing Marvels

Pressco Technology, Inc. was the featured company in a Manufacturing Marvels® production which aired on The FOX Business Network®.

Created by award-winning producers Bob and Jerry May of Marvel Production Group, LLC and narrated by acclaimed former CBS and ABC news anchor John Criswell, Manufacturing Marvels® highlights the unique capabilities of American manufacturing companies in a variety of industries. Pressco Technology was spotlighted as a global leader in vision inspection technology for the food, beverage and packaging industry.

The 2-minute spotlight gives viewers an inside look at Pressco’s global headquarters located in Solon, Ohio. It also provides information about the products manufactured by Pressco which are designed to detect and reject defective packaging components such as food and beverage cans, plastic bottles and a variety of caps and closures. In the broadcast, some of Pressco’s newest technology is on display, including systems that inspect bottles and cans at speeds ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 parts per minute.

“We’re honored that Manufacturing Marvels® contacted us to showcase our company,” says CEO Don Cochran.  “It’s exciting to have an opportunity to spotlight not only our technological capabilities but also our hard-working Pressco associates who proudly design, engineer, manufacture and support our industry-leading high-speed inspection systems.”









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