Mixed Label / Rogue Can

The Pressco CPX inspection module can be installed anywhere on the line where the cans are single file. Any mixed label or major deco defects will be automatically ejected from the line. Utilizing Pressco’s CHROMAPULSE™ lighting technology, each can is optimally illuminated for detecting mixed labels and other critical decoration anomalies. Using this technique, cans with similar printing can be differentiated much more efficiently than with standard lighting practices.

Like other INTELLISPEC™ products, the CPX module works seamlessly with Pressco’s RETRO-SPEC™ user interface. This patented approach provides the user with the ability to visualize their production process and make adjustments based on a large sample size, ensuring the reliable detection of tramp or rogue cans.

Typical Defects Detected

  • Wrong Deco
  • Deco Too Light or Too Dark
  • Gross Deco voids
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