Full Plastic Bottle Inspection

Inspect full plastic and PET bottles up and down the line – all on the same system.

Pressco’s knowledge of specialized vision optics combined with powerful application-specific software provides unmatched accuracy for fill level inspection in plastic and PET bottles, and to detect mis-applied closures. As evidence of our industry-best performance, Pressco solutions are installed at the top beverage companies in the world.

The centerpiece of Pressco’s wet-end family of solutions, the FHCP series of full bottle inspection modules are designed to be integrated onto existing conveyors at the exit of the filler. The multi-camera FHCP-3X sees 360-degrees around each filled and capped bottle, monitoring fill level and ensuring that the correct closure is applied properly.

Featuring both color and hi-res cameras, a swivel-mounted touchscreen and a full NEMA4X/IP65-rated stainless housing with built-in air conditioning, the FHCP-3X has been optimized for high-speed filling lines, and yet is very sensitive to visual flaws. Machine defect correlation data helps to quickly identify filler valve, rinser or capper head failures. A forced sampling mode assists in QA audits. Either pusher or diverter rejection options are available.

Typical Defects Detected

  • Fill Level off Target
  • Cocked Cap
  • Rolled Plugs
  • High Cap
  • Folded-under Tamper Band
  • Broken Tamper Band
  • Missing Cap
  • Missing Tamper Band
  • Wrong Cap Color
  • Cracked Cap
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