Upgrade Paths and Advantages

Pressco’s INTELLISPEC™ vision inspection systems are designed and built to perform reliably for years. However, as technology evolves and your inspection needs change over time, the platform you have now may not deliver all the capabilities of the newest systems. Sometimes a new Series INTELLISPEC system isn’t in the budget yet, so Pressco offers both hardware and software upgrades for older systems depending on your specific needs.

Software Upgrades

Software upgrades offer a quick, economical way to add new features to your existing INTELLISPEC system.

  • SAME-LEVEL revision upgrades (v4.0.18 to v4.0.23, for example) are free as part of our continuing support of our systems.
  • NEXT-LEVEL version upgrades (v4.1.022 to v4.2.044, for example) add powerful new features – please contact us for a quote using the form below.

Hardware Upgrades

Hardware upgrades employ the latest vision processing equipment and system components to provide “game changing” improvements to INTELLISPEC systems. A Pressco Upgrade Specialist can help you determine your options based on the age and configuration of your current system.

User Interface upgrades can be added to improve system usability with a new keyboard and monitor unit.

Not sure what Series INTELLISPEC you’ve got? Contact us using the form below.


Series V INTELLIMASS electronic bottle sectioning systems can be upgraded with additional sensor modules to improve measurement capability across the entire bottle. A completely new INTELLIMASS system with configurations for base and/or sidewall sensors can be added to existing INTELLISPEC installations.


Upgrade Request Form

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