Vision Inspection for a Variety of Applications

By partnering with the world’s top converters and brand owners, Pressco has created an entire platform of solutions that improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) through advanced indication of manufacturing process anomalies. Our customers know that they can count on the industry’s highest defect detection rates and the lowest false reject rates – maximizing quality, minimizing spoilage and increasing profitability.

With over 8,000 systems installed in over 84 countries around the world, Pressco Technology has an incredible breadth and depth of experience across a wide range of applications. Pressco's primary market offerings in metal and plastic packaging have been further enhanced by the addition of state-of-the-art filling inspection modules. Along with a number of specialty inspection products for everything from envelopes to oil filters, Pressco can offer the right solution for your online quality inspection and process management needs.

  • Metals

    Pressco has been refining the inspection of metal containers and their components for over 25 years. We have continually evolved…

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  • Plastics

    Plastic containers and their components have changed rapidly over the years, and Pressco has continually kept pace by refining and…

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  • Filling

    Pressco’s knowledge of specialized optics combined with powerful application-specific software provides unmatched accuracy for fill level inspection and to detect…

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  • Complete Deco Inspection

    Complete Deco Inspection

    100% of the cans……100% of the label…...Introducing the most effective solution ever for reducing HFIs and ensuring that only quality product is shipped to…

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  • Full Bottle

    Full Bottle

    The centerpiece of Pressco’s wet-end family of solutions, the FHCP series of full bottle inspection modules are designed to be integrated onto existing conveyors…

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  • Job Opportunities

    Job Opportunities

    Advance your career by joining the team at Pressco Technology!  Our sophisticated high-speed inspection systems are designed, engineered and supported by our family of…

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