Plastic Cap and Closure Inspection

Inspect and Remove Defect and Damaged Plastic Caps and Closures

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Whether you use compression or injection molded, water-based processes and whether these are for CSD, water or food applications and are made of opaque or clear plastic, we have the expertise to streamline your plastic bottle closure inspections. Using our patented CHROMAPULSE™ illumination, lighting can be optimized for a diverse range of cap /liner colors and structural configurations, ensuring that you have reliable bottle cap and closure inspection results. Combined with our RETRO-SPEC™ inspection interface, finding plastic closure defects has never been easier.

In addition, Pressco is experienced in both star-wheel and conveyor configurations and with single or multi-camera applications. If desired, Pressco can even provide the material handling in either single or over/under conveyor configurations. Our flexible platform design allows connection of multiple lines to a single interface. On the filling side, Pressco has a turn-key material handling solution to ensure against filler downtime by removing damaged, inverted and out-of-round closures before they can cause problems.

Typical Product Side Defects Detected

  • Short Shots
  • Liner Voids / Bubbles
  • Defective / Missing Liners or Seals
  • Flash
  • Malformed Closure
  • Ovality / Out of Round Closure
  • Oil or Grease
  • Dirt or other Contamination
  • Off-Center Liner
  • Grossly Raised Liners
  • Double Liners
  • Inverted Liner
  • Grossly Wrinkled Liner
  • Glue-on Liner
  • Defective Rim
  • Gross Cracks
  • Significant Discoloration
  • Partial or Cut Liner
  • Gross Deformation of Liner
  • Gross Glue on Threads
  • Pellet Placement
  • Missing or Deformed Tamper Band
  • High or Short Tamperband Wings / Segments

Typical Public Side Defects Detected

  • Spots / Smears / Smudges
  • Print Registration
  • Light or Dark Print
  • Missing / Incorrect Deco
  • Contamination
  • Short Shots (sidewall)

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