1. Where is my part serial number located?

Most parts have a small silver or white sticker on the board or camera module. On camera modules, the sticker is usually located close to the input connector. Computer serial numbers are located on the back above the power supply fan.

2. How do I know if my part is under warranty?

Please email Pressco Support or call us at 440-498-2000 if you are unsure of your warranty status.

3. How do I receive a quotation?

Complex items such as a computer, excessively-damaged modules or light array require visual inspection before a quotation is sent. Most other items have a fixed repair rate that will change when the part is damaged beyond repair or nothing is found to be faulty with the item. You will receive a modified quotation if the estimate is different than the actual repair fee. Quotations can also be requested.

4. Do I need a PO number when filling out the RMA request form?

No, but it is recommended. If the purchase order number is not submitted, we will notify you that the information is needed and no replacement will be sent nor will the repair process start until the number has been provided.

5. Is there a fee if I get an advance replacement but return it because it was not the fault?

Yes. There is a $250 restocking fee if parts are used for troubleshooting.

6. How much time do I have to return the faulty parts?

You have 10 days from the RMA creation date to return the parts. If the parts have been replaced in advance and not returned within this time, you will be invoiced for the full price of the part. If the part has not been replaced, the RMA will be canceled.

7. Should I contact technical support or complete the RMA form?

If the problem has been narrowed down to the part level, contacting technical support is not needed. If you have any doubt that the part may not be the cause of the problem, we would recommend that you contact technical support for troubleshooting assistance.

8. Who pays for shipping?

The customer is responsible for shipping costs of any part returning to Pressco. Costs of parts returning to the customer are stated below.

  • Domestic Warranty – Pressco pays for the shipping costs of the parts to the customer
  • Domestic Billable – Pressco will add shipping costs to the repair invoice.
  • International Warranty – Pressco pays for shipping but is not responsible for duties and taxes.
  • International Billable – Shipping costs will be on the customer’s shipping account or added to the repair invoice, depending on the RMA request answers.

If you are requesting special shipping, please state this on the RMA request form and it will be submitted to management for review. You will then be notified with the results

9. How do you recommend packing the faulty item?

Small parts should be sent in static-protected bags. Plastic bags are recommended for items that cannot fit into a static-protected bag. Paper is not recommended as a packing material. Expanding foam is needed when sending heavy or large items. Styrofoam peanuts are sufficient when returning smaller items.

10. Is the part serial number important?

Yes. This is a required field on the request form to avoid the wrong part being sent in replacement cases. As parts can be moved from system to system, we need to be sure to create the RMA to the correct system that the faulty part was issued to during creation, to keep our records up to date for better service.

11. Can I get a technician’s report?

Technician’s reports are available upon request for items that are repaired and returned to you. If a faulty part is replaced in advance, it may be some time before the part is repaired.