Service Care Plans

We know that you are focused on production and your maintenance resources are often stretched thin. Despite this, you need to ensure that production numbers remain robust. Inspection technology is an integral part of the production process and that it is imperative that these systems are maintained to perform at their optimal level. By implementing Pressco’s Service Care Plans, you can ensure that your systems are optimized on a regular basis and that your maintenance personnel receive regular refresher training.

Pressco’s Service Care Plan will allow you to achieve the highest inspection performance available while receiving discounted labor rates. Through this contract program, we provide the expertise of our Senior Service Engineers on-site at your plant. With their knowledge of your industry and Pressco’s innovative systems, they will maintain your systems, optimize them for maximum inspection performance, and provide other services including training and even recommendations for appropriate upgrades.

This proven program provides:

  • Reduced System Downtime
  • Reduced False Rejects and False Accepts
  • Reduced Spoilage
  • Plant Personnel Training
  • Standardized Inspection Routines

If you want the best performance from your Pressco system, our Service Care Plans are ideal. To hear more about how we can assist you, or to request further information, please email Pressco Support or call us at 440-498-2000 (Monday – Friday 8AM to 5PM EST).

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