Pressco’s INTELLISPEC™ vision platform is the leading inspection system used in the global container market. The INTELLISPEC system incorporates not only Pressco’s extensive inspection experience, but years of valuable customer input from industry leaders. This system is both state-of-the-art and thoroughly field-proven, utilizing many of Pressco’s patents in optics, process monitoring and solid-state illumination. The INTELLISPEC system monitors the manufacturing process, rejects defective products and alerts end-users to process drift before significant problems occur, saving you time and waste.

Supporting an adaptable, modular design, the central INTELLISPEC processor can manage up to eight high-speed cameras spread across multiple lanes. Each inspection module is designed to withstand the rugged environment of a manufacturing facility, ensuring years of reliable, trouble-free operation. The lighting and optical components are optimized to provide maximum performance for each desired inspection, and additional modules can be easily added as inspection needs grow and change.

A key feature of INTELLISPEC software is the patented RETRO-SPEC™ interface which displays both good and bad parts graphically. This empowers the user to easily adjust your pass/fail parameters based on large populations of inspected parts rather than a single inspection instance.

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  • Modular Platform Architecture
  • Intuitive, User-Friendly Software
  • Customizable Displays / Trendcharts / Reporting
  • Machine Part Defect Correlation
  • SPC Compatibility
  • Extensive Data and Image Storage
  • Remote Troubleshooting and Support Tools

INTELLISPEC Compact Single Lane (CSL)

For some applications, just a camera or two is sufficient. In response to customers who desired a smaller-scale platform, Pressco developed a solution that delivers the performance capabilities you need in a more compact form. The INTELLISPEC CSL utilizes the same family of modular inspection and lighting components, but is limited to just one lane of inspections (single part detect/reject).

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