Pressco Technology Overview

Pressco Technology is the world leader in advanced, online automated inspection and process analysis solutions for the food & beverage packaging industry.  With over 8,000 systems installed in over 84 countries around the world, Pressco Technology has an incredible breadth and depth of experience across a wide range of applications.

Metal Containers & Closures:  Beer & Beverage Cans, Lined Shells & Converted Ends, 2-PC & 3-PC Food Cans, Food Ends, EZO Ends, PT/Twist Closures, ROPP Closures, and much more

Plastic Containers & Closures:  PET Preforms & Bottles, HDPE & PP Bottles, Injection or Compression-molded Food & Beverage Closures, Pharmaceutical Containers & Closures, and much more

Metal & Plastic Container Filling:  Inspection & process monitoring solutions for Fill Level, Closure Placement, Label Placement, Code Verification, and much more

Why Trust Pressco?

  • Modular platform architecture enables a wide range of scalable & budget-friendly deployment options
  • Intuitive, user-friendly software and customizable UI helps your staff quickly master system operation
  • Custom lighting & optics plus smart algorithms maximize defect detection and minimize false rejects
  • Extensive data & image storage, networking, and SPC compatibility to support Industry 4.0
  • Worldwide Service Team, remote troubleshooting & support tools ensure optimal system performance
  • Online digital training academy plus in-person or virtual classroom options keep your staff fully trained
  • FREE Applications Review so you’ll know in advance if we really can solve your problems!

We’d love to discuss your application with you — please use the form on this page to get in touch!